About the Designer

They say to travel while you’re young, save money, meet a great guy, have a beautiful family and live life happily every after…but they forgot to insert  [how to make my house FAN-TAB-ULOUS].

Let’s not even mention how HGTV & Pinterest makes everything look so easy and low budget friendly. Of course there are ways to D.I.Y. but first you have to be covered in random streaks of paint and buy all the wrong tools for the job and then find yourself looking at Home Depot’s endless orange shelving system wishing you hadn’t stayed up past midnight saving all those pins!!!

So for the first time home buyers, the my first place-ers, the home decor Pin-aholics, the IKEA lovers (and haters), bachelors & bachelorettes, dedoninteriors is the place for you. Let’s all hop off the design struggle bus together and start fresh! I promise to make the journey fun & rewarding and the best part is, you get a home that you love and a space that you’ll want to host friends and family for years to come (or at least until your lease is up!)

I know the struggle personally of wanting to complete every DIY project I come across on Pinterest or making the spaces I veg out watching Netflix  entertain friends inviting and fun. Since the age of 13, I always knew I wanted to be an interior designer. After years of “remodeling and staging” my parents living room , at the age of 17, I decided to pursue my passion in interior design. Then, after receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at the age of 20, I hit the ground running. From then on, dedoninteriors was created + birthed and is now available for all of you!
I’m looking forward to working with you & if you feel like stalking me staying in the know on what I am up to, check out my FacebookTwitterPinterest & Instagram pages.