6 Months in the Basement – Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

We have finally made it! The month of September has to be my FAVORITE month of the entire year (besides my birth month). Fall brings about leaves changing, sweaters, bonfires and FOOTBALL!!!

I am a diehard New England Patriots fan (please do not come for me) in NFL and an Alabama Crimson Tide fan (Roll Tideeeee) in College Football. Because of the passion that overtakes me during the games on a Saturday or Sunday (or any other day they decide to broadcast sports), I found a great spot to watch all sports with other diehard fans like myself.

However, it is good to come home and relax with some wings and snacks and drinks of your choice all while vegging on the couch or relaxing in a comfy recliner all the live long day. How do you create a great man/woman cave with all the elements of your favorite sports bar in the comfort of your own home?

Keep reading ladies if you want to win major brownie points with your guy or if you are the die hard sports fan and want to veg out in your own cave!

No man cave is complete without the five basic elements of sports season survival. You can always add to this but you never take away from them. They are, in no particular order:

– A comfortable spot to plant yourself in 4 hour intervals…ie: a couch or a recliner
– A semi large television to catch the action…essential!! Bonus points for surround sound
– A spot near the couch or recliner to set down drinks and food when it gets too intense
– A refrigerated device to store cold beverages & snacks
– A ton of paraphernalia, posters, jerseys and more to make your man cave feel authentic

[GREAT! I gathered all of my supplies….now what??]
Finding the perfect space to host football Saturdays and Sundays within your home may not be the easiest task, especially if you do not have a lot of space to commit to a complete man cave. But you can always create a great space no matter what the budget.

Just remember the 5 essentials to every man cave and you cannot go wrong. I will show you three different options below that tick all the boxes but show different ways to create your own man cave space – especially if you hibernate for 6 months out of the year during sports season.




Hope you all enjoyed this post! Stay tuned next week as we discuss Dorm Room essentials & how to not make your college/university dorm look blah 🙂

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