Wanderlust Entrepreneur

Welcome to the start of a new chapter for me – as I explore life in the entrepreneurial lane. This is such an exciting time as I dive into my true passions, becoming an interior designer and owning my own business.


Dedon Interiors. The name dedon was a nickname given to me by my little sister when I was younger, because she couldn’t say “Deon” properly and it has stuck with me ever since. I wanted to name my business something that was personal and special to me and therefore, dedon interiors came to life.

My style of design is not formal, but rather an extension of my personality. I am a big people person and want to get to know the person behind the designs I am doing to create their new haven. I studied a bit of environmental psychology ,which is the study of how people relate to spaces, along the way and utilize that into every project that I complete. I would call myself a transitional designer – I love to mix modern styles with a hint of classic pieces in every space.

Currently, I am living in Australia until March of 2017, so most of my designing will be virtual until I return to the United States, in Tampa, Florida where I will be located. So you are in luck if you are living in the Sydney, Australia area 🙂
Don’t worry though, with virtual interior design, I can help you anywhere you are located in the world.

Dedon Interiors became official on September 1st, 2016 and I could not be happier.
Interior Design was always something I saw myself involved in. I have a very creative side so as a child, I was constantly rearranging something in the house. I used to make “model homes” out of diaper boxes, using packing tape as windows and bendy straws as plumbing.

All of this creativity developed over time and became a part of my everyday life & after receiving my degree in Interior Design I started to develop my personal design philosophy. Essentially, interior design is more than just using creativity to make things aesthetically pleasing. Rather, interior design has a purpose; to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas into functional spaces.

I attended The Art Institute of Tampa and received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 2011 & that began my career as a designer. Over the last five years, I realized how much design was an integral part of my life and how much I was passionate about it. Through various jobs, I saw my sketches turned into real life construction and my ideas sparked to life.

Shout out to all of my bosses; those people who I asked for a ton of advice along the way! Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today – 25 years of age, pursuing my passions with a business to call my own. I appreciate you more than you know!

[design details]
I started dedoninteriors because I know there are many people out there who are looking for interior design advice, ideas and suggestions to make their space less of a house or apartment and more of a home but maybe don’t know where to start. Dedon Interiors is all about YOU! So ask all the questions, seriously! I am here to help answer them and help you create your haven.

Take a look around the website, check out the blog where I will be posting every Thursday at 10am & browse dedoninteriors design services. Send us a message and follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram for all the latest info.

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